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I have decided dA isn't worth the cost of upgrading anymore so, here's to my boring, upgradeless account! My main page has been left super minimal and I think it's fine without being overly fancy. If you wish to see a nicer layout and more information about me and my business, my website is where to go :)

You can also view any of my tumblrs:
  • Shelter Love which is super popular is a great one to visit if you enjoy my shelter dog photography! I post there way, way more often than I post here. If you aren't watching it yet but love my shelter photos, you're missing out!
  • My main photography tumblr isn't doing quite as well yet so I'd appreciate the watches :) I haven't put as much effort into it but I plan to start posting there a lot more than I have been as I am slowly dropping dA from being any sort of priority.
  • Springer Tuck is Tucker's blog - no need to sell you on this. He is awesome.

And there is always Facebook for those of you who like the social media aspect. I love receiving comments and feedback on there as well! And I always post complete shelter dog lists on there, so while it may take me a little while to get dogs up on Tumblr, my facebook generally has them up the day I take the photos or the following day.

I am not leaving DeviantArt.
I am simply encouraging people to view my photos elsewhere, as I find these other resources are far better for my business.
I am going to go back through some photos I've taken and haven't posted here and get some new ones up pretty soon :)
But this is yet another example of why DeviantArt probably isn't the best place to watch me. It takes me a while to post here, and elsehwere you are going to get a lot more photos a lot faster!

It will be weird without an upgrade here, but I think I'll survive :)

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Happy birthday!!! :D :happybounce: 
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HAPPY BIRTHdaaaaYYY X3333333333333333333333X
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Tiffany for Nickel by EvlonArts
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It is just an odd update from what we are used to. Grooming doesn't raise all of the stats and neither does ANY other type of training, so reaching 10x5 (because it will no longer be 10x4) will take a lot more time and VPC. I am really hoping that they do not merge the games and keep BETA as an option, not a mandatory thing. 
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